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Re: [ESD-translators] Starting the translation to Galician using PO

From: Ariel Costas
Subject: Re: [ESD-translators] Starting the translation to Galician using PO
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 18:18:15 +0000

> I think you can send your friend an archive containing the part of the
> repo that is useful to view Galician translations (assuming the
> translation is complete, including for images):

I understand I can send him the HTML files (or even host them on my own server
and send him the URL). What I don't understand is: how can I generate those HTML
files? What command do I run? Is it on the Makefile?

I'm new to using POs, maybe it's a stupid question, but I don't find the way of
"building" the HTML files for the web.

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