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Re: [Trad Gnu] Reviewers needed for Italian, French, and Brazilian-Portu

From: Jean-Christophe Helary
Subject: Re: [Trad Gnu] Reviewers needed for Italian, French, and Brazilian-Portuguese translations of Escape to Freedom
Date: Wed, 27 Jul 2022 08:00:13 +0900

> On Jul 26, 2022, at 23:46, Devin Ulibarri <devinu@fsf.org> wrote:
> Jean-Christophe Helary:
>> I would suggest that if you don’t have feedback after a week, you consider 
>> that either the translation is fine or that there are not enough resources 
>> to review it, and publish the document with an indication that the document 
>> is open for review.
>> That would avoid the situation where a “good enough” (no disparagement 
>> intended) translation is available but left unpublished.
> The problem is it is impossible for us, by ourselves, to know whether or
> not a translation is "good enough." We don't ever want to be in a
> position where we have something published on the site that has not been
> reviewed by another person.

Although I do understand that position, there are tools that allow you to check 
whether a translation is good enough. You may or may not want to use them but 
they exist: machine translation engines can give you a pretty good idea of 
whether a give translation is close enough to the original English for ex.

Also considering the process that you have: send a message here, get a 
translation from someone on the list, makes the probability that you receive 
spam close to 0.

> That being said, I understand the problem and what I am currently
> working on is making public a chart I have made to track the progress of
> translations. I plan to put it on libreplanet.org so that someone may
> edit it to, for example, indicate that they volunteer to work on a
> translation or to update its status.
> The basic data points would be:
> * URL of original (English) version
> * Status ("volunteered", "draft submitted, awaiting reviewer to
> volunteer", "draft submitted, reviewer volunteered, awaiting review",
> and "reviewed, awaiting publication", etc.)
> * Language
> * Who is working on it, whether real name or pseudonym
> The translations themselves can be published directly to the LP wiki,
> which helps us track changes.
> My hope is that this transparency will help others see which
> translations are in need of review.

Excellent. That's a little how the W3C handles translations.

> The one downside I see is it will require some maintenance.

That's the thing if you want some level of quality. Free software is not free 
as in beer.

> The current
> system also requires maintenance, but the issue right now is that only I
> know the progress of the translations and therefore only I can
> communicate progress of translations.

Publishing that info will probably contribute to attracting more people and 
reducing redundant work like we had the other day for the French subtitles.


> The other downside is that not yet reviewed translations will be
> published on libreplanet.org, but it is a wiki that tracks changes and
> people don't expect the polished drafts to be published there -- they
> do, however, expect posished drafts to be published on fsf.org
> Thoughts?
> Devin
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