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Re: [Trad Gnu] Reviewers needed for Italian, French, and Brazilian-Portu

From: Devin Ulibarri
Subject: Re: [Trad Gnu] Reviewers needed for Italian, French, and Brazilian-Portuguese translations of Escape to Freedom
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2022 10:46:56 -0400

Jean-Christophe Helary:
> I would suggest that if you don’t have feedback after a week, you consider 
> that either the translation is fine or that there are not enough resources to 
> review it, and publish the document with an indication that the document is 
> open for review.
> That would avoid the situation where a “good enough” (no disparagement 
> intended) translation is available but left unpublished.

The problem is it is impossible for us, by ourselves, to know whether or
not a translation is "good enough." We don't ever want to be in a
position where we have something published on the site that has not been
reviewed by another person.

That being said, I understand the problem and what I am currently
working on is making public a chart I have made to track the progress of
translations. I plan to put it on libreplanet.org so that someone may
edit it to, for example, indicate that they volunteer to work on a
translation or to update its status.

The basic data points would be:
* URL of original (English) version
* Status ("volunteered", "draft submitted, awaiting reviewer to
volunteer", "draft submitted, reviewer volunteered, awaiting review",
and "reviewed, awaiting publication", etc.)
* Language
* Who is working on it, whether real name or pseudonym

The translations themselves can be published directly to the LP wiki,
which helps us track changes.

My hope is that this transparency will help others see which
translations are in need of review.

The one downside I see is it will require some maintenance. The current
system also requires maintenance, but the issue right now is that only I
know the progress of the translations and therefore only I can
communicate progress of translations.

The other downside is that not yet reviewed translations will be
published on libreplanet.org, but it is a wiki that tracks changes and
people don't expect the polished drafts to be published there -- they
do, however, expect posished drafts to be published on fsf.org



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