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Re: [ESD-translators] Security-related changes in version 4.0

From: Thérèse Godefroy
Subject: Re: [ESD-translators] Security-related changes in version 4.0
Date: Sun, 24 Mar 2019 21:01:23 +0100
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Le 24/03/2019 à 18:37, Fabian Egli a écrit :
> Dear Thérèse
> Initially, I had some trouble to update because I had a polluted git,
> but I finally finished the translation.
> I have a question about the footnote which indicates the translation
> attribution in the German Version. It was the following in V 3.0
> /Version 3.0. Deutsche Übersetzung und Review durch FIfF e.V.
> <> (<address@hidden>) & weitere, basierend auf einer
> Übersetzung von Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo <>.
> /
> I am not sure how to place the new note into the files:
> Version 4.0 Deutsche Übersetzung von Fabian Egli
> [](, basierend auf Übersetzungen
> früherer Versionen durch <a href="";>FIfF e.V.</a>
> (&lt;address@hidden&gt;) &amp; weitere (Version 3.0) und <a
> href="";>Gabriel Pérez-Cerezo</a> (Version 2 und früher).
> I think this should be in a separate <p> element, but I am not sure if
> that's right.
> I changed the links in the source package, so the html files are
> displayed as expected.
> Feel free to push what's there the life site and let me know if there is
> some more work from my side required.
> Best regards,
> Fabian

Hello Fabian,

Thanks for completing the translation.
I added the translator's credits after the FSF copyright line, as in the
French version. The HTML regenerated correctly, so I went ahead and
pushed the whole thing to live. It should be visible in about 15 min at

Please shout if something doesn't look right.

All the best,

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