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[ESD-translators] state of the template manager -- kitchen

From: Tomas Stary
Subject: [ESD-translators] state of the template manager -- kitchen
Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2016 08:59:06 +0000
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I have realized that there are the templates in the directory kitchen
inside each individual language directory.

I think it is good idea to translate the templates, rather than the
compiled html pages.

However, I have found some discrepancies between those two (e.g. see
file en/index.html L100, and index.t.html L69).

My question are:

1. do you translate the templates or the html files directly

2. if you translate templates where is the updated version of them

3. should it be reflected on the wiki [0]? (I have added a reference to
the kitchen there, but now I'm not if it should be used.)

Many thanks for any reply.



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