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Re: [ESD-translators] Slides for workshop in Prague

From: Tomas Stary
Subject: Re: [ESD-translators] Slides for workshop in Prague
Date: Tue, 3 Apr 2018 19:34:43 +0200
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Hi Kate,

For the purpose of the workshop we would primarily like to target
journalists, but in fact anyone is welcome to join. We would like to
help to rise awareness about the importance of encryption. The required
technical skills are minimal, i.e. basic user knowledge. There should be
somewhere between 15-30 slides or as many as it is necessary and
feasible to go through in a 60-90 minutes workshop.

By the organisations I ment organisations like state inteligence etc.
(perhaps it is not the main point though).

Well done for the infographics! It's great you changed it to LaTeX, I'm
a big fan of the program and would definitely prefer the slides to be in
latex. I plan to start working on it whenever I find some time. Any
contributions and help would be highly appreciated.

Great point about the mobile encryption. This weekend I installed
OpenKeychain (Easy PGP) which is a free software encryption tool for
mobile (Replicant, Android, LinageOS) available from a free software
F-droid repository. It should be compatible with K-9 email client and
other application (like XMPP chat program Conversations). I have started
experimenting and hope to have a working PGP on my tablet (LineageOS) soon.

I am not stating an official FSF opinion, but I think that any
privacy-focused work is welcome, as long as it is based on a free
software. Both K-9 and OpenKeychain are free software, however Android
comes with pre-installed non-free packages. However, similarly to
Windows and Apple manuals, if we don't encourage their use, it should be
fine to provide manual to those who already use Android, but we
shouldn't forget those who already use Replicant.

All the best,


On 04/03/2018 07:09 PM, Kateryna Razumova wrote:
>> I am not aware of any slides made for that purpose at all. In theory we
>> could just put the websites on a projector screen and go along with
>> that, but it might be more professional to do libreoffice or latex
>> (beamer) slides with the manual + some more relevant information (e.g.
>> why the encryption matter, what do other organisations say about
>> encryption, generating password using the diceware method). Do you have
>> any other suggestions what should the slide include? What format would
>> you use?
> Who is the target audience? What is its technical experience? What is
> the main purpose of the presentation? How many slides should be there?
> What “other organizations”? Do you have some examples?
> I tried to make the infographics and its translation in latex (xetex).
> It seems it’s working.
> So maybe it is possible to create the presentation in latex.
> What about mobile email privacy? There exists AGP - android
> implementation of PGP. What does fsf think about it?
> Yours truly,
> Kateryna Razumova.

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