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Forgotten ViewVC discussion 2022-02-16

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Forgotten ViewVC discussion 2022-02-16
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2022 09:52:47 -0700

Oh!  In my summary today afterwards I realized I forgot to say that
there is one ViewVC issue with subversion that is still floating
around somewhat.
    error when calculating annotation data with viewvc

This is working on the new system but failing on the old system.
Philippe reporting the problem was happy enough to use the new
"svntmp" name I provided for testing this on the new server.  But I
haven't really resolved the issue yet.

Since moving git to the new server there have been *zero* problems
with overloaded system on either side causing problems.  I don't know
if that is actual or just because there haven't been the same bad
abuse waves coming through.  But it has me wanting to drag my feet
about moving subversion over.  But once moved I can't really move it
back due to the ssh host keys and the SHA1 deprecation issue.  All
anonymous services such as svn:// http:// https:// all can be moved
back and forth immediately with no problem.  But ssh:// has host state
of host keys associated and can really only move forward.  Therefore I
was holding off on switching it for the moment.

Therefore I am going to try to fix the error on the old system.  But I
would guess this error has been there for two years already and this
is the first problem report on it.  It can't be a heavily used feature
or we should have heard about it more previously.


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