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Update 2022-02-01

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Update 2022-02-01
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2022 16:56:47 -0700

> * Three of the six components of subversion are working.

Have all of the Subversion components running now.

    PASS: svn-http
    PASS: svn-https
    PASS: svn-rsync
    PASS: svn-ssh
    PASS: svn-svn
    PASS: svn-web

Could switch svn over to the new vcs2 at any time.  However due to the
ssh host keys maybe being upgraded to ed25519 keys it would make it
undesireable to move it back.  And right now it there have been no
complaints from any of the svn, hg, bzr users about ssh.

Also having a separate system means a doubling of the kernel resources
for networking.  Honestly things have never run smoother now that git
is on it's own server and the others are on their own.

Therefore I am inclined to keep working through the various issues for
each of the systems and switch over later when everything is ready.

I started working on hg next.  Made good progress through the parts of
it.  Got snarled up with the anonymous hg service through xinetd.
Eventually figured out my mistake.  Got the http & https protocols
running.  And now things like like this.

    PASS: hg-hg
    PASS: hg-rsync
    FAIL: hg-ssh
    PASS: hg-web

I am now stuck on the hs over ssh which seems like it should be the
simplest and most robust.  But I am getting this error.

    $ hg clone ssh://
    remote: abort: potentially unsafe serve --stdio invocation: ['--cwd', 
'/srv/hg', '-R', 'test-project', 'serve', '--stdio']
    abort: no suitable response from remote hg!

This works over hg:// and http:// and https:// so this is really
strange that it is failing when used over ssh:// instead.

My web search fu is failing me.  Something about the newer version of
hg on the new server almost certainly.  And we have already run into a
CVE that was against 2.8.2 which caused us to freeze there because
later versions, at that time, were broken.  This might be the above
problem hit again as a deja vu and until I find the old email
discussion about it I won't remember the details.  The old version was
2.8.2 and the new version is 4.5.3 so they cranked through a bunch of
changes in OS release timeframe!

Any ideas?

I am going to let that sit and switch to working on bzr.  And/Or I
will be working on the web UI frontend.  Both of those are the next
priorities.  Behind them are the download and audio-video server and
the SQL database server.  Not to mention the debbugs BTS.  Or the
other sourcehut system.  :-)


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