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[ESD-translators] minor updates to ESD

From: Zoë Kooyman
Subject: [ESD-translators] minor updates to ESD
Date: Fri, 4 Feb 2022 23:21:03 +0100
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Hi Everyone,

It's a constant process indeed! I have just processed some feedback that
got through into some of the Troubleshoot items.

2. - added twice where this code comes up
<p class="notes"> Depending on your version of GPG, you may need to use <code>--gen-key</code> 
instead of <code>--full-generate-key</code>.</p>

2.b - updated the text to reflect the keyservers relations are not the same 
anymore. So i edited slightly.
<p>We will upload your key to a keyserver, so if someone wants to send you an 
encrypted message, they can download your public key from the Internet. There are 
multiple keyservers
that you can select from the menu when you upload, but they are mostly all 
of each other. Any server will work, but it's good to remember which one you uploaded 
your key to originally. Also keep in mind, sometimes takes a few hours for them to 
match each other when a new key is uploaded.</p>

I have loaded them to Enc and to Enc-live.
They are minor changes, but probably still worth updating the POs.
Thérèse, I hope you can do this?

Thank you!

Zoë Kooyman // Program Manager
Free Software Foundation

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