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[ESD-translators] Translations of text with links to resources in Englis

From: Fabian Egli
Subject: [ESD-translators] Translations of text with links to resources in English
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2019 18:26:17 +0100
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Hi Translators,

I believe there is an issue with the translation when it comes to
passages that reference sources in English. e.g. the paragraph
containing "Make a secure passphrase with Diceware" and the link to the
article. Although this is a nice article explaining the problem and the
solution (Diceware) well and relatively concise, this will not help
anyone who does not understand English. Is it allowed to reference and
link to other equivalent resources in the language that the ESD guide is
being translated into? I would propose to link to the German Wikipedia
article on Diceware in this case which describes how to generate
Diceware passwords and also links the German word list.

Is it acceptable to deviate from the English version in this case? Ho
about links to other resources?

I am looking forward to hear back from you!



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