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Re: [ESD-translators] Slides for workshop in Prague

From: Tomas Stary
Subject: Re: [ESD-translators] Slides for workshop in Prague
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2018 17:35:54 +0200
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The date is not really set yet. I think it should be possible to have
the first run sometime in the second half of April or first half of May.


On 03/30/2018 12:54 PM, Kateryna Razumova wrote:
> When will the workshop take a place?
> Yours truly,
> Kateryna Razumova.
> 2018-03-30 12:23 GMT+02:00 Tomas Stary <address@hidden>:
>> Hi Kate,
>> Thanks for your efforts. I have been keenly following your emails and
>> suggestions for improvements. Although I haven't had time to reply
>> myself yet, it is nice, that there is some progress going on.
>> The preparations for the workshop is continuing. I have met with some
>> people and we secured a place for the workshop. So now it remains to
>> invite the people who are interesting in encryption and spreading the
>> word. We plan to contact journalists, which is even more important in
>> the light of current events, when Italian mafia with a link to the
>> government killed a journalist in Slovakia in order to threaten others.
>> I am not aware of any slides made for that purpose at all. In theory we
>> could just put the websites on a projector screen and go along with
>> that, but it might be more professional to do libreoffice or latex
>> (beamer) slides with the manual + some more relevant information (e.g.
>> why the encryption matter, what do other organisations say about
>> encryption, generating password using the diceware method). Do you have
>> any other suggestions what should the slide include? What format would
>> you use?
>> Regarding the signatures, I normally sign messages only when I want to
>> make sure that nobody tampered with the content during the transmission
>> -- e.g. when sending account numbers which somebody could change for
>> theirs, or when sending piece of code, that could be replaced with some
>> harmful bits. But there shouldn't be any problem if you just sign
>> everything.
>> I also wonder, how thoroughly should we check the identity when signing
>> the keys of others. Is the check of the ID really necessary? The reason
>> why I think of that is that some people might use pseudonym rather than
>> their official name. Also, there might be more people with the same
>> official name and then some of them might create certificate to
>> impersonate one another (for the email address they don't own). I think
>> the alternative could be to verify if they have an access to the email
>> address they claim the certificate for.
>> All the best,
>> Tomas
>> On 03/30/2018 11:52 AM, Kateryna Razumova wrote:
>>> Hello Tomas,
>>> sorry for not responding for quite a long time - I was busy with
>>> contributing (annoying all people in the mail list) to Outreachy
>>> project.
>>> So, I have read about the workshop. What about the slides? Are there
>>> any already available slides?
>>> Also, I found out that some instructions in the guide are not applicable:
>>> I also don't understand the policy of signing messages here. I never
>>> used signing for mailing lists but we are in a mailing list about
>>> email self defense so I don't understand whether I should use signing.
>>> Yours truly,
>>> Kateryna Razumova.

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