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[ESD-translators] Re: New Albanian translation of

From: Besnik Bleta
Subject: [ESD-translators] Re: New Albanian translation of
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2015 22:47:30 +0200
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Hello Thérèse,

Më 02/23/2015, 05:32 PM, Thérèse Godefroy shkroi:
> Hello Besnik,
> On 21/02/2015 19:01, Besnik Bleta wrote:
>> Hello,
>> Following Zak’s suggestion I’m writing to let you know that an Albanian
>> translation is almost ready:
>> I’d appreciate any suggestion about how design elements look to any more
>> experienced eye.
> The design elements look very good!
> Just 2 small details:
> In section5-01-use-it-well.png, the last line of text crosses the image
> border.

I thought it has to be like that. The original looks like that, the
French translation too. Just checked.

> In section5-02-use-it-well.png, the translation of "password:" takes up
> the whole width. I wonder whether the letters could be made slightly
> smaller. Centering the stars may also help.

I agree.

Thank you for your help.


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