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[FSF] Avoid the pitfalls of the JavaScript Trap on Gmail

Subject: [FSF] Avoid the pitfalls of the JavaScript Trap on Gmail
From: Matt Lee <>
Date: Wed, 30 Mar 2011 17:43:17 -0400
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Today we're launching the first in a series of features on how to use
common websites without using JavaScript.

You may not be aware of the dangers of JavaScript -- a problem we've
deemed The JavaScript Trap -- proprietary software running on your
computer, inside your web browser.

* <>

When you visit a website such as Gmail, your browser will download and
run several thousand lines of JavaScript code. This JavaScript code is
no different to other programming languages -- applications written in
those languages running on our computers should be free software, so we
can run, modify and share them if we wish.

While some people have already made free software that alters and
manipulates Google's JavaScript, they are doing so at the mercy of
Google, who may change it at any time.

So, while it's clear that JavaScript is a very powerful and useful
technology in the right hands, we're calling on Google and others to
step up and let people make useful, interesting contributions available
to others, by releasing the JavaScript code as free software for Gmail
users to modify.

Check out our guide to using Gmail without JavaScript and send us your
suggestions for future websites to feature:

 * <>

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