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[FSF] Job opening on the FSF campaign team

From: Peter Brown
Subject: [FSF] Job opening on the FSF campaign team
Date: Thu, 28 May 2009 17:27:54 -0400
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FSF Campaigns Manager

The FSF is hiring a campaigns manager to be part of the team that runs
DefectiveByDesign and PlayOgg, helps coordinate the GNU Project, and
generates new campaign ideas. This is an opportunity to take a
leadership role in the organization that sponsors the GNU project,
publishes the GPL, and fights for software freedom.

Job Description

The campaigns manager implements the FSF communications strategy and
works as part of a team to develop and implement issue campaigns and
community resources, acting as a spokesperson on matters of software
freedom. The campaigns manager handles writing, editing, speaking, and
research related to these activist and program efforts; coordinates the
GNU chief webmaster and the other webmaster volunteers to develop FSF
and GNU web sites; plans and implements proposals to increase
fundraising; and serves as a main point of contact between the
Foundation and the free software community.


    * You must be a free software activist with a commitment to computer
user freedom familiar with the work of the FSF,
    * have excellent written communication skills,
    * demonstrate that you can work in a precise way while handling
multiple tasks,
    * be a good public speaker with experience in handling press relations,
    * have experience organizing events and handling community relations
in a diplomatic way, and
    * be a capable webmaster.

Other Details

The job must be worked on-site at FSF's downtown Boston offices. An
on-site interview will be required with both the executive director and
FSF president.

Because of US visa restrictions only candidates that are US residents
will be considered.

This job is a union position. The salary is fixed at $53,849/year and is
non-negotiable. Other benefits include the following:

    * Full family health coverage through Blue Cross/Blue Shield's HMO
Blue program, and subsidized dental plan
    * Four weeks of paid vacation annually
    * Seventeen paid holidays annually
    * Public transit commuting cost reimbursement
    * Somewhat flexible work hours

Resumes and cover letters must be submitted via email to <hiring at>. The email must contain the subject line, "Campaigns Manager".
Resumes and cover letters should be attached in plain text or PDF.
Resumes not sent via email or email submissions that do not follow these
instructions will be ignored.

Peter T. Brown
Executive Director
Free Software Foundation

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