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[FSF] Help the FSF and Play Ogg!

From: Matt Lee
Subject: [FSF] Help the FSF and Play Ogg!
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2008 17:05:42 -0400
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 Help the FSF in 3 easy steps--start here <>

I'm writing today to ask you to support the Play Ogg campaign.

Are you tired of constantly being prompted to download proprietary
software and plugins to play the videos and listen to the music you
want? Are you fed up with seeing new gadgets that only use
incompatible and restrictive audio and video formats? Did you know
that it's not a lack of technological know-how that causes this, but
software patents and other legal restrictions?

Increasingly proprietary software companies like Microsoft, Apple and
Adobe are pushing video and audio formats that restrict access and
restrict software developers, but there is an alternative that can be
played on all computers without restriction â Ogg.

Ogg provides professional grade multimedia formats. Ogg is used
extensively by free software projects, artists and a growing number of
music and video distributors.

Soon over a million children and their families will be receiving the
One Laptop per Child XO computer designed to play and create Ogg
files. By advocating now for Ogg we can help ensure that those
children will gain access to, and not be unnecessarily restricted from
thousands of educational resources and materials on the web.

Join us in advocating for Ogg right now by taking 3 Easy Steps: join
the Play Ogg action alerts list, download the VLC multimedia software,
and encourage others to do the same.

Start here: <>


Matt, Josh, John and Peter
The PlayOgg Team!

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