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Send us free software testimonials

From: John Sullivan
Subject: Send us free software testimonials
Date: Fri, 15 Jul 2005 17:46:41 -0400
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For those working to show others the value of free software, it is
immensely helpful to have stories from users and organizations who
have successfully converted from proprietary software. It can make the
difference in someone's decision to begin using free software over
buying into the latest proprietary trap.

As we announced in our most recent Bulletin and at the 2005 associate
member meeting, the Free Software Foundation is collecting such
stories from our community to meet that need.

Everyone on this list uses free software in some capacity, so everyone
has something to contribute to this section. All you have to do is
describe how and why you use free software.

This is an urgent project for us. Please send in your story, and do
anything you can to help draw attention to it. You'll be seeing more
go up on the and web sites about it as the week

Please send your contributions to <address@hidden>.

In your e-mail, be sure to let us know what contact information and
affiliation you would like to be displayed with your story. We will
not include your e-mail address unless you ask us to, but we will
include your name and company in the published version, unless you
request otherwise.

You can see the examples we have already collected at
<>. You can see that many of
them are just a paragraph or two. That's fine; the length is up to

Please do a short one now, even if you intend to write a more improved
version later. We'll be happy to update it for you, but it's very
important that we get your contribution up now, for this initial push
to get the project going.

If you use free software in two very different capacities, for
example, at home and at work, you might consider writing two separate
testimonials. That way we could separate them, if we end up breaking
the category listing down to a separation between testimonials for
businesses and organizations to consider, and those for individual
users to consider.

We look forward to reading and publishing these stories! A few minutes
of your time will make a lasting contribution to the effort to
increase the number of free software users in the world.

John Sullivan
Program Administrator        | Phone: (617)542-5942 x23    
51 Franklin Street, 5th Fl.  | Fax:   (617)542-2652     
Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA    | GPG:   AE8600B6

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