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Re: [ESD-translators] Spanish translation finished

From: Thérèse Godefroy
Subject: Re: [ESD-translators] Spanish translation finished
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2021 19:41:38 +0200
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Le 24/08/2021 à 19:12, victorhck via a écrit :
> El 28/7/21 a las 19:07, victorhck via escribió:
>> Hello listmates!
>> I have finished the update/translation of Spanish. Now I'm going to
>> review again the whole text. Please proofreading, improvements, fixing
>> typos, etc are welcome!
>> If you do that, please share here to know that more than two couple of
>> eyes read this draft before going live!
>> 've phun!
> Seems that never is finished and always there's something to polish...
> Fixed some typos and improved spanish translation...
> Greetings

Hi Victor,

I regenerated the HTML, and pushed the changes to enc and enc-live.

All the best,

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