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[ESD-translators] Outreachy

From: Shradha Khapra
Subject: [ESD-translators] Outreachy
Date: Sun, 18 Mar 2018 13:45:43 +0530
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I am Shradha khapra from India and I am a junior year Computer
Engineering student.I am fluent in HTML, CSS (along with Bootstrap and
Materialize)  and have worked extensively with JS, Node and git. I would
love to work on the 'e-mail self defense project' and I intend to
contribute in following ways:

i) I intend to translate the the website into Hindi as it is the most
spoken language in India and I believe it would increase the reach of
the concept of encryption to a large number of people. I have already
translated the introduction section and would appreciate some help with
introducing translations on the repository and submit my contribution
for my Outreachy application.

ii) I intend to make changes in the the CSS of the website,especially in
the fonts and the responsiveness according to various screen sizes . i
also wish to work on the layout of the site.

iii) I intend to make the subject matter more accessible to people via
pdfs, text-to-speech modes,vidoes that take people through this process
of encryption and decryption etc.

iv) I would also like to add some details in the textual matter of
English as well as Hindi as I believe more detailing could be provided
to users as I experienced this need when I attempted to send an
encrypted e-mail to the mentor of the project.

I look forward to contributing in the project and go through a healthy
and friendly process of mutual learning.



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