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Re: [ESD-translators] unavailable link

From: Tomas Nordin
Subject: Re: [ESD-translators] unavailable link
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 15:42:50 +0100

Thérèse Godefroy <address@hidden> writes:

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> Hello Tom,
> Le 17/12/2017 05:19, Tom a écrit :
>> I found the link of in next_step.html is 
>> unavailable now. It will show a page to sell the domain. It seem 
>> not belong to its owner now.
>> Should this link be removed?
>> Tom
> It seems that has its own site:
> But that doesn't help if you simply want to subscribe. Maybe this one
> would be more helpful:

I think the whole guide is directed towards non-wizards. I wonder if it
would be a good idea to give a link to a mastodon help page, like . Possibly replacing the twitter suggestion.
Not suggesting to replace the link, although a broken link is
really bad in general. Maybe its just a temporary problem?

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