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[ESD-translators] [ESD] Updates and new translations went live

From: Thérèse Godefroy
Subject: [ESD-translators] [ESD] Updates and new translations went live
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2017 15:50:20 +0200
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Hello ESD translators,

The enc and live repos are now in order, as far as I can tell. The main
changes are as follows:

* "New" (sometimes a year old) and updated translations finally went live.

* The HTML bugs were killed (hopefully), so that PO files could be made
more easily.

* The English pages were reformatted without leading spaces and tabs,
and wrapped to 80 columns. This makes diffs much easier to read,
especially in gitk.

* Some translations were reformatted as well: "new" ones (sv, fa), and
pages that were regenerated from PO (ja, sq, es).

* Several new PO files were made. Here is the current list of languages
with POs:
ar cs de es fa ja ko ml ro sq zh-hans.

* More recipes were added to Makefile.gen, and the comments were

* In the enc repo, all incomplete translations (ar, ko, ml, zh-hans) now
have a "wip" (work in progress) banner. This banner is dark blue rather
than red, and it links to the corresponding PO file.

* The language picker now has 2 variants:
  - one for the enc repo, which links to all translations, whether
complete or in progress (the latter are tagged);
  - one for the live repo, which only links to complete translations.

* The kitchen subdirectories and other support files were removed from
the live repo.

* You will find a few more fixes in Git history. I tried to
individualize languages, except for global changes.


* The Korean translation. It is in fact complete, but was made against
v2.0. I think it would be useful as is (it lacks localized images, but
several other translations link to the English version of images).
AFAIR, there were a couple of bugs in the English text. It wouldn't take
much to fix them in the translation. Then why not publish it?
Yongmin, Molly?

* I didn't remove the Arabic and Malayalam "translations" from the live
repo, but was tempted to do so. WDYT?

* Molly, the latest change you made in index.html didn't propagate to
mac.html and windows.html. Do you want to keep this change, or was it
just a test?

* One of the items in the Troubleshooting subsection of "Install the
Enigmail plugin for your email program" is missing from mac.html and
windows.html ("My email looks weird"). Is there any reason for this?
Doesn't the Shift-compose trick work in Windows and MacOS?

Comments and suggestions are welcome!


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