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[ESD-translators] static submodule, automatic conversion to png

From: Tomas Stary
Subject: [ESD-translators] static submodule, automatic conversion to png
Date: Thu, 12 May 2016 15:01:02 +0100
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I've just added a static/Makefile.img script, which allows automatic
conversion of the svg files to png. The advantage is that the dimension
of the images are coded into the script, so the translators don't need
to look them up in the wiki before doing the conversion manually.

I've also noticed a few counter intuitive things I don't really understand.

What is the reason of having a separate module from the main repository?
It is quite confusing and complicates the work.

Why the gnupg-infographic.svg is placed in the static/ rather than

Why the filenames in svg/en/ and img/en/ are different? Is there any
justification for img/en/screenshots/ directory?



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