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Re: [ESD-translators] Fwd: Re: Proposition for a templating system

From: Thérèse
Subject: Re: [ESD-translators] Fwd: Re: Proposition for a templating system
Date: Sat, 06 Sep 2014 20:00:25 +0200
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Le 06/09/2014 17:39, Lucas Teixeira a écrit :
> Hi Thérèse,
> This message (a reply to raffael) came encrypted, and I'm not included.
> Was it meant to be a personal reply?
> Best

Hi Luca, hi everybody,

Sorry for the encrypted message to the mailing list. It wasn't meant to
be. The message was sent both to ESD-translators and to Raffael. I tried
to turn encryption off, but apparently did something wrong.

The "encryption on by default" configuration is really creating
problems. Someone else complained on a French mailing list.

Here is the unencrypted message:

> Hello Raffael, hello everyone,
> Thanks for beta-testing this contraption. I hope your templates are
> The system will not stay that way for ever. Dave has ideas that he could
> explain better than I can (using Make, etc.) Right now I am trying to
> adapt the script to a situation where the final pages wouldn't be under
> git control, only the templates. But the rest is uncharted territory
to me.
> If anyone with more technical ability wants to help, everybody will be
> grateful.
> Thérèse
> PS. The mailing list doesn't seem very reactive. Raffael's message still
> doesn't show in the archive.

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